Providing solutions” are the words that best define our company’s objective, and it has been that way right from the very beginning: finding effective solutions for the problems that our customers are facing.


The LINEACOR range of products was developed as a result of our experience gained in other companies within the sector, including more than 15 years of working with metal structures, executing their design, manufacture and installation. Among the materials used, COR-TEN Steel was an increasingly popular choice and based on this trend, the idea came about to specialize in its design, assembly and in particular, to provide a complete “treatment solution” portfolio for the oxidation of COR-TEN Steel.

We had a good understanding of what was required to carry out effective treatment of COR-TEN Steel but were unable to find the appropriate solutions available in the market place. Hence we set about creating a range of products 

that would provide the best results when undertaking oxidation work, focusing on both the protection and the finish of this material. At the same time, during the treatment, we also wanted to help streamline the workflow and optimize both time to execute and the budget. The initial success of the products, combined with the experience and vision of our partners, encouraged us to develop a complete product portfolio that could be offered to other professionals and potential clients thinking of using COR-TEN Steel. After several months of intense work, research, testing – and always in collaboration with universities and chemical companies and COR-TEN Steel professionals – the LINEACOR brand was born, something which we are still very proud of today.


Over the years, we have been continuously upgrading and expanding our products within the LINEACOR range; quality and efficiency have been improved and new products have been developed. We are always looking to offer our customers an increasingly effective, safe and profitable solution for the oxidation of COR-TEN Steel that ensures you the very best results in your projects.

As a result of the experience and knowledge acquired by our technicians over the years, and also thanks to invaluable feedback from our partners and clients, for some time now we have been providing technical analysis services: both for new projects, and also for installations that have already been completed but require examination or technical assessment to ensure good execution, repair, etc.

LINEACOR also currently offers training courses to professionals who want to start, expand, or optimize their business area with COR-TEN Steel and who want to do so with the security and guarantee offered by our brand and our expertise.


As we look to the future, we are as enthusiastic and committed as we were when we first started a few years ago… our passion for supporting our customers knows no bounds and we are always looking to share with you our expertise and knowledge. Providing help to our clients by supporting you with our know-how, our products, our services and our technical support, are key goals of our Company. We want to continue to expand our Company through working closely with our partners and we want to achieve this future growth by helping you to successfully complete your projects, count on LINEACOR as a key partner and take advantage of the experience of our team to successfully execute them.

Lidia Madueño
Commercial director