Products for Corten Steel treatment

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We are experts in the treatment of Iron, Steel and Corten Steel, with more than 10 years of experience. Our oxidation and protection products for oxidized steels have earned us recognition and success in both the national and international markets.


The preparation of the surface to be treated is much more important than you think, because if we ignore it or not apply it correctly, the final results will be very different and even unexpected, because the oxide activating elements will react very differently to unprepared, poorly or poorly prepared surfaces versus those that are well prepared.

On a clean and properly pretreated surface, better results will be achieved, with much more uniform and homogeneous oxidation processes.

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Our products provide a professional solution for obtaining a well oxidized finish, with unmatched quality.

Thanks to our processes, a world of possibilities opens up to give rusty finishes to planters, monuments, facades, doors, fences, railings, tree beds, canopies, roofs, pillars, furniture, walls, sheets, lamps, ceilings, beams, floors, windows, and all kinds of elements.

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The products for finishing or protecting steel and corten steel, have a high degree of durability as well as low maintenance, also offering high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Properly treated CORTEN steel, with the COR line products, do not produce dripping or rust spots due to rain, moisture, etc

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For big projects

We also offer our products in 25 liter containers for the treatment of large surfaces


Internal anti-corrosive protection for Corten Steel, specially designed for fountains and other surfaces in contact with water

Anti-graffiti cleaning and protection

Our product bz-COR FINISH is specially designed to resist graffiti and aggressions of the urban environments

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b-COR Metal base


Protection – finishes

bz-COR varnish protector


Protection – finishes

bz-COR polyurethane SAT-EX


Protection – finishes

bz-COR nature matt


Protection – finishes

bz-COR polyurethane gloss finish