This construction project – a footbridge in Sabadell (Barcelona) – was a signifcant challenge for LINEACOR®; how to treat a 65-ton steel superstructure that was constructed using both shot-blasted sections and pure steel sections (with calamine), and to do it during the hottest days of the year!

To avoid the summer heat, the work took place at night ensuring a cooler ambient temperature and avoiding the intense solar radiation from the sun, which would have had a detrimental impact on the results.

Rusty Steel Footbridge with LINEACOR Products in Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain
Rusty Steel Footbridge with LINEACOR Products in Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain

The first stage took place in the workshop, focused on 6-8 meter sections, where the difficult-to-access areas were treated and following that, the treatment of the tubular pillars supporting the different sections of the bridge was carried out. Once transported to the final location, all the parts were installed and welded together, and the oxidation treatment of all the joints of the structure was completed.

For the oxidation treatment, LINEACOR´s  act-COR liquid product was used on the shot blasted sections and for the areas with calamine, act-COR gel was used, due to the greater difficulty they present in oxidizing.

The sealing and stopping of oxidation was carried out with LINEACOR´s bp-COR Xtrem, applied using an airless spray gun, due to the large size of the structure and the need to work quickly.

A challenging project, but the final results look spectacular as you can see in the photos!

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