For the past 3 years, LINEACOR has been engaged in many different artistic projects covering various disciplines including sculpture, painting and drawing. One of our most recent collaborations has been to work with the artist GUSTAVO ALBA. Gustavo really motivates and excites us, not only because of his unique way of expressing himself and his mastery of light, but also because of his drive, originality and energy. It is incredibly infectious and makes us dream of a future full of successful projects. We are looking forward to Gustavo allowing us to accompany him on his promising journey, in what we believe will be a path bursting with success. A success that we think is not far away at all.

Gustavo Alba with his work “DERRAME”.

Gustavo Alba Benito is a plastic and visual artist. His work focuses on technical and technological experimentation through the evolution of portraits, working with different materials that allow him to mix light and its shapes, enabling him to capture the essence of the faces he wants to represent.

At LINEACOR, we have been supporting Gustavo in his creation of several unique pieces of art for different clients, combining his artistic creativity with our high quality products and numerous application techniques. For this we have contributed our recognised and diverse experience of working in the industrial world, and from the very beginning, Gustavo has quickly learnt how to skilfully apply them while contributing his unique style, resulting in spectacular results.

Gustavo’s work DERRAME, an oxide on canvas, has recently been chosen by the city of ALGEMESÍ (near Valencia, Spain) to participate in the national painting prize. 

Gustavo, LINEACOR wishes you the best of luck!

Gustavo Alba: Website | Instagram

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