On this occasion, we want to bring to your attention a recent sculpture created by the artist and sculptor Frank Norton. In order to celebrate the 170th anniversary of the birth of D. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, Zaragoza City Council (in Spain) commissioned Frank to make a bronze replica of a head sculpture that had originally been sculpted by the artist Ángel Bayod in 1933. This commissioned replica is actually three times larger than the original. In addition, the artist has placed the head on a pedestal made from Cor-Ten® Steel and treated with LINEACOR® products.

This replica was created using a combination of digital and artistic techniques. The initial phase included the digitalization of Bayod’s work in order to obtain a 3D file that matched 99.5% with the original sculpture. Having completed this, a wax model was then created, which later became the final model in bronze. And then in his workshop, applying his artistic creativity, the finer details of the work were completed. Through the pedestal, Frank Norton wanted to include a graphic representation of Ramón y Cajal’s work on nerves and neurons but in a simplified way, so visible on the back of the pedestal are criss-crossed lines that suggest a nerve.

The sculptor Frank Norton was born in Dublin (Ireland) and currently lives in Zaragoza (Spain). He is renowned for his Civil Works sculptures and for his restoration of Artistic Heritage. It has been said about him that his work “appears to make solid steel fly”, adapting it to the specific space. He is the creator of large-scale works made from Cor-Ten® Steel located on several main roads in the Spanish province of Aragon: Saint George and the Dragon (A23 pk 74.9), the Horse (Jaca), the Monument to Wine (Barbastro), the Archers (Congosto de Olvena), the Medieval King (N-240 Quicena), the Skier (Puerto de Monrepós), the Cloister of San Juan de la Peña Monument (A-21 San Cilia), to name but a few and most recently, a work that indicates the location of the old Roman road near the Burgo de Osma (Soria).

We are extremely proud and honoured that an artist of the stature of Frank Norton chose LINEACOR® products for the execution of his work in Cor-Ten® Steel.

Thank you Frank