When it comes to bringing Cor-Ten® steel to life and creating a long lasting visual impact, LINEACOR® products are your most trusted choice for the treatment of Cor-Ten® steel.


Some years ago, responding to the demands of one of our most innovative clients, we carried out an exceptional project: the oxidation of corporeal letters manufactured from Cor-Ten® steel and of special dimensions, with our treatment resulting in an oxidized appearance and natural finish.

Removing Mill Scale before oxidation.
Oxidation Activation Process with act-COR by LINEACOR
Oxidation Activation Process with act-COR by LINEACOR

Since such letters are often located  outdoors, we used a specific product, bz-COR FINISH anti-graffiti. This treatment not only facilitates easy maintenance, but also guarantees long-lasting anti-graffiti protection, ensuring that your investment will be both protected and will look amazing over time. In addition, you can choose from three different finishes:  matt, satin and gloss.

This project came to us via the company Acero Corten & Inox, S.L., which manufactured these letters for one of its clients dedicated to marketing. Thanks to the fact that they consulted us before starting the project, we were able to advise them from the beginning of the project, ensuring that the best results were achieved.

If you also want the best results and guaranteed maximum success in your projects, don’t wait, LINEACOR® products are your best bet.

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