bz-COR Finish Anti-graffiti (Matt)

This varnish has been designed to protect the surface of COR-TEN © steel from vandalism, including paint damage, stickers, or other similar problems. It is a bi-component, acrylic, anti-graffiti varnish and is extremely tough and weather resistant. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, while facilitating easy removal of graffiti in a very fast and efficient way. It is highly effective against spray paints, paint markers, adhesive residue from posters, stickers, as well as other similar acts of vandalism that have damaged the surface of COR-TEN © steel. The varnish is available in matt, satin or gloss finishes.

To ensure adequate protection, three coats of the varnish are required. Once it has been applied, it is necessary to allow between 5-7 days for the varnish to dry (depending on the prevailing environmental conditions) before installing the treated COR-TEN © steel into its final location or before giving general access to it.

We always recommend applying the varnish onto COR-TEN © steel that has been manufactured using the cold-rolling process. However, if it is to be applied onto COR-TEN © steel that has been manufactured using the hot-rolling process, then it will be necessary to sand-blast the steel before carrying out any treatment. This is to ensure that the mill-scale, which will be present on the surface of the steel (due to this manufacturing method), is completely eliminated.

When a surface that has been protected using bz-COR FINISH Anti-graffiti is vandalized, then the problem can be eliminated by cleaning it with our dedicated GRAFF-OUT Graffiti remover product, using one or more clean rags (depending on the amount of paint). Do not use other products as these can contain abrasives, alcohol or solvents, which in turn will result in the varnish deteriorating and could result in irreversible damage to its protective properties.

This varnish has also been tested on many different materials, such as stone, wood, concrete, plastic and others, and offers almost identical results to those obtained when it is applied onto COR-TEN © steel. If you do intend to protect a surface other than COR-TEN © steel, please contact us first. In the specific case of COR-TEN © steel, then this varnish has been designed to be used on a surface that has already been oxidized and stopped using LINEACOR products. If another procedure has been followed, then we are unable to guarantee the correct performance of our product, and it could result in an undesirable effect.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read carefully both the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet for this product to ensure its correct use: the application techniques necessary to obtain the desired results and compliance with safety and environmental protection regulations.

The complete treatment procedure is as follows: act-COR + bp-COR + bz-COR FINISH Anti-graffiti (matt).