bz-COR Polyurethane gloss

Use of this polyurethane varnish will result in a glossy exterior finish. It is a one-component varnish that provides a very tough coating and has to be applied on top of the bz-COR varnish. The latter acts as a first coat, ensuring the polyurethane varnish is applied onto a surface that is not water-based, such as bp-COR. The adhesion will be improved and the fusion between coats will be significantly increased when compared to doing it with the stop-bath. You will therefore avoid the possibility of OSMOSIS, caused by poor adhesion and by oxygen being trapped between the stop bath and the final varnish. Please bear in mind that over time, the shine can become less bright, resulting in a slightly more satiny appearance, due to the effects of the sun, rain, and so on (this happens to a greater or lesser degree to all glossy varnishes).

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read the product’s Technical Data Sheet and Product Safety Sheet carefully to ensure correct use, to understand both how the product needs to be applied to obtain the desired results and to comply with the relevant safety and environmental protection standards.

To apply any varnish, it is essential to do so after having stopped the oxidation process with bp-COR and after having allowed the application to dry for at least 48 hours. Depending on the type of varnish, it will also be necessary to apply bz-COR first, in order to act as a membrane between the treated surface (oxidation + stop bath) and the chosen varnish.