bz-COR Finish WR Water Resistant (Satin)

This is a varnish that has been designed to protect the surface of oxidized COR-TEN © steel against the direct action of fresh water. This varnish can be used to coat COR-TEN © steel that is going to be installed in garden fountains, water channels, or any surface where the water is flowing rather than stationary. The finish can be matt, satin or gloss. However, in applications where the water is standing (i.e. a pond) rather than flowing, only gloss finish should be used, since it has a greater blocking capacity.

It is necessary to apply 3 coats for optimal protection. It is always recommended to apply this varnish on COR-TEN © steel manufactured using the cold-rolling process. If it is applied on hot rolled COR-TEN © steel, then the steel must be sandblasted prior to carrying out any treatment, to completely eliminate the mill- scale present on the surface that occurs as a result of this manufacturing method.

Apply 2 to 3 coats with drying intervals of between 90 to 120 minutes (this will depend on the humidity and temperature conditions prevailing).

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read carefully both the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet for this product to ensure its correct use: the application techniques necessary to obtain the desired results and compliance with safety and environmental protection regulations.

The complete treatment procedure is as follows: act-COR + bp-COR + bz-COR FINISH WR Water Resistant (Satin).