bz-COR Finish Floors (Gloss)

This varnish has been developed to protect floors made from COR-TEN © steel, which are either untreated or have already been oxidized. It is a bi-component, acrylic varnish which is extremely hard and very resistant to people continually walking over it. Using bz-COR FINISH Floors varnish results in a highly durable and resistant COR-TEN © steel floor, but it is necessary to apply three coats of the product.

Being a floor varnish, bz-COR FINISH Floors is available in 4 different levels of slip resistance to meet diverse requirements. The default option that is listed on our on-line store is “non-slip level 1”, and it is the version that offers the minimum level of grip. If a higher level is required, then please consult with us.

The varnish is designed for a floor that is subject to frequent use from people wearing ordinary footwear. It is not suitable in applications where people are wearing specialized footwear (i.e. metal spikes or similar), since such footwear can scratch the floor easily. Similarly, do not drag or deposit sharp objects.

bz-COR FINISH Floors comes in matt, satin or gloss finishes.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please read carefully both the Technical Data Sheet and the Safety Data Sheet for this product to ensure its correct use: the application techniques necessary to obtain the desired results and compliance with safety and environmental protection regulations.

The complete treatment procedure is as follows: act-COR + bp-COR + bz-COR FINISH Floors (Gloss).