GRAFF-OUT Graffiti remover

This product has been developed to remove graffiti made by spray paints, markers and other similar problems, especially on Cor-Ten © steel that has been previously protected with our bz-COR FINISH Antigraffiti varnish.

To remove graffiti or paint from the surface, just spray the affected area with GRAFF-OUT, leaving it to act for about 30 seconds. Then spray again and after waiting approximately 15 seconds, begin to remove the graffiti / paint using a clean and dry cloth. The effectiveness of the elimination of the graffiti will depend on the amount of paint that needs to be removed.

GRAFF-OUT also has a “restorative” function, eradicating superficial scratches or scuff marks on a surface varnished with bz-COR FINISH Antigraffiti varnish.

GRAFF-OUT can be applied onto a surface treated with bz-COR FINISH Antigraffiti varnish as many times as is required, without impacting either the finish or the colour. If cleaning is required again and again due to frequent graffiti attacks, then the protective varnish layer can gradually deteriorate. This can be fixed by applying a new layer of the varnish.


No. If you apply it by mistake, you will need to sand the surface again in order to re-oxidize it, as it will now be contaminated.

We strongly recommend that you do not do this. The product is pre-mixed to give an optimal concentration that will deliver the results that are indicated. By diluting the product, you will reduce its efficiency, while the number of coats that you will need to apply will have to be increased. It is likely you will have to triple the number of applications if the product has been diluted, and even then, you are not guaranteed of achieving the same results that the undiluted product would deliver.

We recommend between 4 and 5 minutes. Do not leave it for any longer than that. Note well, it is important that during this time, the whole surface must be covered and there should be no visible dry patches. If part of the surface does begin to dry out, make sure you apply more of the product.

No, it is not necessary. This is because it is understood that the MILL SCALE is going to be sand-blasted or stripped off.

Yes, that is correct. It cleans and facilitates the surface oxidation time when used in conjunction with the act-COR oxide activator.

Well, it will leave whitish stains that will prevent act-COR oxidizing in the normal way. You will also find the surface is permanently marked.

No, it is a water-based product.

It will result in a change of colour and it will react with the activator, leaving patches that will not oxidize. To fix that, you would need to sand-blast the sheet again. That is why it is critical to remove all traces of ds-COR before starting the next application. Any residue of ds-COR can react with the next product, resulting in unwanted effects.