This product contains metallic particles and can be applied to different surfaces (appropriately primed) such as wood, plaster or plastic. Once activated with act-COR, you can then achieve an appearance that is similar to corten steel that has been oxidized. Due to the product’s consistency (it is an emulsion with metallic particles and a dense texture), it can be applied to make different thicknesses, as well as achieving a texture that is less “flat” and also with slightly oxidized tones that are more / or less accentuated.

This product offers excellent adhesion, medium strength (without protection) and creates very little oxide dust over time. After applying the product correctly and allowing it to dry, you have to activate the oxidation using act-COR.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is of VITAL importance to stir b-COR well in order to homogenize the product, due to it being a mixture containing metallic particles and these can sink to the bottom very easily. Once well homogenized, make sure it remains that way until the work is finished.

Please read the product’s Technical Data Sheet and Product Safety Sheet carefully to ensure correct use, to understand both how the product needs to be applied to obtain the desired results and to comply with the relevant safety and environmental protection standards.