This product is an alternative to sand-blasting or to using aluminium silicate for the removal of MILL SCALE from both steel and corten steel sheets, which have been manufactured using the hot-rolling process. MILL SCALE is a dark grey layer on the surface of metal sheets caused by this particular manufacturing method and must be completely removed prior to applying any type of treatment to the surface of the steel. dx-COR Gel is composed of a carefully selected mix of acids, which makes it highly effective in eliminating MILL SCALE, but without damaging the steel.

dx-COR Gel is especially recommended when the surface area to be treated is not too large and when the use of sand-blasting becomes impractical. It is also a great solution when the installation of the steel has already taken place or the building is already in use. dx-COR Gel is also recommended when there is risk of contamination to the surrounding environment from the dust caused by the sand-blasting process; using this product means there is no need to remove the material and transfer it to a workshop for sand-blasting to take place.

Thanks to its viscous texture, dx-COR Gel provides an optimal solution for applications such as vertical surfaces, roof installations and even difficult-to-access areas.

dx-COR Gel is also available in a liquid format (dx-COR), which is best suited for use on horizontal surfaces and where access to the steel is straightforward.

VERY IMPORTANT: If the MILL SCALE is not totally removed, the oxidation process cannot be controlled and, for sure, any treatment applied to the steel can crack or result in osmosis taking place. This can happen over time, the speed of which is dependent on the environmental conditions that the steel is being exposed too.

Please read the product’s Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet carefully, to ensure understanding of how the product needs to be applied and to comply with relevant safety and environmental regulations.