The refurbishment of the Jinama viewing-point situated on the island of El Hierro – the smallest island in the Canary Islands – was launched in July 2021. It involved the installation of cold-rolled Cor-Ten® steel cladding that had been treated using LINEACOR® products. Firstly act-COR was applied to achieve a rapid and uniform oxidation, giving excellent results in just a few hours. And then, bp-COR stop-bath was used to fix the oxidation and hence preventing it from turning to a darker shade.

The beautiful Jinama viewing-point is located in the east-central part of El Hierro, specifically to the west of the town of San Andrés. From Jinama, you can enjoy one of the best views of the island. The viewing-point is located at 1,230 metres above sea level and gives you a spectacular view of the entire El Golfo bay. You will also find at Jinama one of the oldest trails on the island, the Camino de Jinama, which takes you from the viewpoint to the town of Frontera.

This is a great example of an application of Cor-Ten® steel enhancing the architectural structure. The work was carried out by Cerrajería Pedro Morcillo and the steel treated with LINEACOR® products.